Solar Power – Enjoyable Facts

Here are some enjoyable facts about solar power for everyone and anyone that wants free power.

Most individuals who are interested in the energy from the sun want serious technical details about solar power, however in some cases, even the serious can be expressed in enjoyable fashion.

Fun truths on solar power include some points such as – on a daily hour, sufficient sunshine gets to the planet’s area to satisfy the entire globe’s energy needs for a complete year. That detail originates from the American Solar Energy Society.

Here are some more enjoyable realities on solar power.

12 Fun Facts on Solar Power

Solar Instead of Oil Power

Solar Rays From The Sun

  • As early as 1921, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for experiments with solar power and photovoltaics. It was awarded to Albert Einstein.
  • When silicon is extracted from just one lot of sand, and also utilized in photovoltaic or PV solar power panels, that silicon can generate as much electrical energy as 500,000 loads of melting coal.
  • In the U.S., there are greater than 10,000 homes that obtain their power totally from solar power.
  • John Herschel a British astronomer nearly 200 years ago used solar to cook his food during his journey to Africa.
  • In the early 80’s California created one of the 1’st large solar power plants.
  • Solar power can cut water bills by greater than 50 percent each year in a home where a solar model replaces the electrical water heating system.
  • Solar power or Photovoltaic (PV) panels and all the technology around it has dropped over 200% in the last 30+yrs according to the Department of Energy. Currently people who are looking to purchase into solar power usually pay around $.50 cents per kilowatt-hr.
  • A research by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) revealed that solar power problems were close to ideal (99 percent) in San Francisco on June 14th, 2000. On that particular day, 100,000 customers in that area lost power. Solar power might have supplied all they required.
  • Another USDOE research revealed that the roofs of California’s city and also area buildings, if covered with solar PV panels, could create 200 megawatts of clean electricity! Cover California’s school roof coverings with solar power panels, as well as you include 1,500 megawatts more to the state’s peak power supply.
  • In California, covering every available business and also industrial roof covering with solar power panels can generate all of the electrical energy needed in that state throughout the daytime.
  • Germany is making the very best use of solar power, although its climate consists of many cloudy days.
  • Solar energy from the sun takes approximately 8min to travel to the earth.

Here is some more fun for teachers and their students: have your students figure out which of these fun facts is true about solar power?

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